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TPR focuses on providing quality trench protection equipment, service, and solutions to the Construction Industry.

Our employees are experts at providing the right equipment, delivered to your job site on your schedule.

We maintain an extensive inventory of trench shields, hydraulic shoring, manhole shields, traffic control equipment, and trench protection products.

Trench Plate® Rental Co

                            Steel Trench Box | Light Duty Steel Box | Aluminum Trench Box | Build A Box |  Manhole Box |2 Piece Manhole Box |
Manhole Rnds., Hyd.
| Aluminum Shores | High Clearance Shore | Light Duty High Clearance Shore | Power Shore | Waler System |
Trench End Brace | Power Strut | Quadra Brace | H-Pile & Beam | Overlap sheeting | Slide Rail System | Trench Plate |Rock Plate |
Traffic Control
| Walkway / Bridge |Confined Space | Deflection Gauge |Mechanical Plugs | Plugs & Leak Locators |
Pipe Puller |Pipe Roller | Rock Box | Rock Screen | Training

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Trench Shoring Equipment




TPR Catalog (pdf.)