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Trench Plate® Rental Co (TPR) provided all of the shoring and Trench Plates® that ARB needed for a 70-mile pipeline in Northern California. ARB’s selection of TPR was based on the projects high demands, which had to be met. Numerous crews were to work simultaneously over the entire 70 miles, and ARB needed someone they could count on to have the wide variety of product required with the ability to service numerous job sites while providing consistent service over the 5 month construction time frame

The quantity of equipment required for the project meant that ARB needed someone who had tremendous amounts of equipment ready for service at a moments notice. TPR ended up providing over 1000 shores, 900 plates, 110 steel boxes and 12 Aluminum boxes in different configurations where and when ARB wanted them to support crews working on many job sites along the 70 mile project.

Over the course of the project, TPR worked with ARB to ensure the shoring of the excavations went efficiently. TPR provided all the standard engineering as well as all of the site-specific engineering necessary to make sure every portion of the project was safe. By working closely with ARB, TPR was able to anticipate equipment requirements, stockpiling the needed equipment, and consistently made sure the transportation was available to deliver product with little notice. By working closely with ARB, TPR was able to make sure that no facet of the shoring ever held up the installation of the pipeline.

The new pipeline replaces a 36-year old 14-inch pipeline that traveled through Cordelia Slough and near populated areas of the Cities of Suisun City, Dixon, and Davis and replaced it with a modern pipeline designed too and governed by contemporary engineering and safety standards.

The contract called for the construction of a 70-mile, 20-inch common carrier pipeline to replace the existing 14-inch pipeline. The pipeline will help meet the area’s growing demand for petroleum products by increasing volume transported from facilities in Concord, California. The Project will provide increased pipeline capacity for the transport of refined petroleum products to central California and Northern Nevada to meet projected demand. The $88 million project will be in service by year-end 2004.

ARB Pipeline Project (70 miles)
ARB Pipeline Project